Romance, Our Way

August 5, 2013

I had a conversation recently about romance and it got me thinking about my relationship with my husband.  My husband has said he “doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body,” but I would say otherwise.  He isn’t a man who believes in flowers or candy, but I don’t believe those things define romance.  During our five+ year relationship, he has proven that the little things hold the most meaning.


There are occasional weekend afternoons that I’ll hear the hose running in the front yard and peek outside to find my husband washing my car.

During the summer, my husband sometimes suggests we take drives to the beach after dinner.  We watch the boats and take a walks along beach trails.  We just did this again this past weekend.

We’re complete goofballs together, which is why I find laughter to be so important in a relationship.  So are spontaneous Saturday night 90’s dance parties in the computer room.  “Oh no.  She’s going to hurt herself!”
Those mornings spent outside in the backyard cleaning up the garden together make me happy. We grew our garden together so it’s that much more special to me.

My husband has bravely tried to sit down and watch “Honey Boo Boo” with me.  He hardly makes it passed half an episode, but I admire his effort.  The most fun we have in front of TV is usually when Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune is on.

I had this great chalkboard wooden arrow sign in the garden, but the rain warped the chalkboard piece.  I had put it by our garbage cans as trash.  I found my husband in the garage removing the chalkboard.  He asked, “If I fix this, are you still going to want to throw this out?”  Of course not!  He even cut the middle of the arrow from aluminum so it won’t warp.  I just have to paint it with chalkboard paint and have him finish repairing the sign for me.  Super sweet and he’s so smart when it comes to fixing things!

Those evenings when my husband walks to the store and thinks up a delicious dinner for us to give me a night off are great every once in a while!

He’s taken me horseback riding simply because he knew it was something I would enjoy.

Early morning trips to the pier to go fishing and dreams of one day owning our own boat (he’s talking about it more and more lately!)–just dreaming up our future together is SO romantic!

Don’t believe everything you see in the movies and on TV.  I’ve been wined and dined before and have received some quality gifts.  Those things are nice and I appreciate them, but I wouldn’t trade those little, shared moments with my husband for anything.  To me, it’s those special moments and small gestures that truly define romance–the moments that don’t cost anything but a little quality time with each other.


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