DIY Sand & Sea Candles

May 2, 2016

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DIY Sand & Sea Candles

This weekend started off a little cold and crummy (I even pulled my Uggs back out!), but thankfully the weather warmed up on Saturday so we could enjoy a sunny day outside.  Then, the weather took a turn again and went back into the 50’s with rain.  So Sunday was spent indoors.  I don’t know about you, but Spring’s been a big, fat tease so far!  Now that it’s May, we can only hope that the warm weather is soon here to stay.

So while we wait, I decided to make some Summer-inspired candles over the weekend to bring a little bit of those warm days and beach vibes indoors.  These candles would look really cute in a centerpiece (like my DIY Plaster of Paris Stone Centerpiece), scattered around a table for your beach-themed wedding or party, or simply lit inside a rustic lantern.

While there are several steps involved in making these candles, they’re pretty easy to create!  And what’s even more awesome about them is that as they melt down, you’ll expose seashells hidden inside of them!  What mermaid at heart wouldn’t love candles like this in her home!?!

DIY Sand & Sea Candles


  • Soy wax chips
  • Silicone cube mold
  • Small soy wicks
  • Glue Dots
  • Liquid candle scent (I used lavender)
  • Small seashells
  • White sand
  • Candle pouring pot, or microwaveable measuring cup
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Foam brush


  1. Use a Glue Dot to secure candle wicks to the bottom of each section in the mold.
  2. Add small seashells to each cube, about halfway up.
  3. Measure a generous 2 cups of candle wax into a glass measuring cup.  Melt the wax in the microwave for 60 seconds, then 30 second intervals until wax is completely melted.  If using a double boiler, measure candle wax and pour into your candle pouring pot.  Heat wax until it’s completely melted.
  4. Add candle scent (start with 10 drops at a time until desired fragrance strength is reached) to wax.  Mix thoroughly with a bamboo skewer.  Pour melted wax into each cube. 
  5. Continue melting wax until all sections are filled.
  6. Use a bamboo skewer to hold wick up in the center of the candle.
  7. Allow wax to harden at room temperature or in the refrigerator.
  8. When candles are completely solid, remove from the mold.
  9. Pour sand into a disposable bowl or plate.
  10. Heat a little more wax in your glass measuring cup or double boiler.
  11. Using a foam brush, brush wax onto each side of the candle.  Then, quickly dip into sand. 
  12. Continue on all sides, then allow to harden.
  13. To add a seashell to the top of the candle, brush wax on the top surface and press a seashell into the wax.
  14. Allow wax to harden, then display!

DIY Sand & Sea Candles

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