Seasonal Herb Wreaths

November 14, 2013

Use fresh herbs to create fragrant and naturally beautiful wreaths with this Seasonal Herb Wreaths DIY tutorial!
I recently found a tutorial for fresh rosemary wreaths on Pinterest.  These wreaths used small craft rings as a base and sprigs of rosemary were placed on the ring with wire to create an aromatic seasonal decoration for the home.
We had such a successful gardening season this year, herbs included.  My rosemary plant has been continuously growing for a couple years now and my chocolate mint took off towards the end of summer, creeping out of its pot.  I can’t use it up fast enough!  I love adding natural elements to my home and decided to try and create my own fresh herb wreaths using sprigs of rosemary and mint from my garden.
To make your own wreath out of fresh herbs you’ll need:
– sprigs of the fresh herbs of your choice, rinsed and dried
– green florist wire
– wire cutters
– ribbon for hanging
– small wire flowers (optional)

With your florist wire, make a small ring.  The size of your wreath will depend on the wire ring you make and the fresh herbs you have available.  Wrap the ends of the wire around the ring.

Using a sprig of mint, I twisted it around the ring and added a sprig of rosemary.  Then I secured them with a small piece of florist wire.  Continue doing this around the entire wire ring, overlapping as you go.

I had some wire floral embellishments left from wedding favors I made and decided to add them to my wreath.  This is an optional step.  If you choose to add floral elements, space them out along the wreath.

Add ribbon and hang your wreath!

These would be adorable with holiday ribbon or with cranberries placed around them for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

These wreaths would also look great on your holiday table with small candles placed in the center or attached to gifts.  I made two of these wreaths and hung them in my kitchen window. It’s a festive, fresh way to use up the last of your herbs in the garden and bring a touch of nature into your home!  They will dry out over time so I suggest using rosemary.  It’s a stiff herb that mimics the look of pine.

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