Shark Week Watch Party Essentials

July 18, 2019

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Get ready for summer’s biggest week in television!  Shark Week is back and I’m sharing everything you need to get your Shark Week watch party started!

It’s that time of year again, animal lovers!  Shark Week is just 10 days away!  Shark Week is kind of a big deal in our house.  We tune in every year!  Actually, most of the year, our TV is tuned to some kind of animal/nature show.  We watch vet shows, behind-the-scenes zoo shows, nature documentaries – the works! 

But Shark Week is a whole ‘nother story!  Sharks are fascinating creatures.  In fact, over the past few years, there have been a few Great White Shark sightings along the Jersey shore.  We’ve had quite a few reports already (also, reports of hammerheads and tiger sharks)!  While that might strike fear in some, the reports of pings along the coast have definitely excited us! 

If you’re fascinated by sharks and getting ready to tune into some fin-tastic TV, check out these essentials for your Shark Week watch party!  I’ve included everything from clothing, decor, serveware, and even a couple goodies to nibble on while you watch this shark-infested event!

Everything You Need for Your Shark Week Watch Party
  1. Shark Lollipops
  2. Gummy Sharks
  3. Shark Attack Bowl
  4. Chomping Shark Plush Slippers
  5. Shark Pillow Covers
  6. Great White Shark Socks
  7. Jaw Ready Shark Mug
  8. Shark Bite Can Coolie
  9. I ❤ Sharks Shirt
  10. Shark Fin Cupcake Picks
  11. Great White Shark Cookie Cutter
  12. Shark Button Down Shirt
  13. Great White Shark Float
  14. Shark Lamp
  15. Shark Attack Serving Plate

Need some more ideas for your Shark Week watch party? 

Sink your teeth into a Shark Week Cheese Board and serve it with some beachy labeled wine!

Or make a Shark Week Cake using a store bought ice cream cake and some edible decorations like gummy sharks and starfish!

And if you’re looking for a fun shark-themed DIY project to make ahead of your watch-a-thon, check out my Shark Infested Gel Candle!

Will you be tuning into Shark Week?



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