Stopping to Smell the Roses

May 18, 2012

Tonight we visited with Mike’s parents for dinner.  After we had pizza, we took a walk through the backyard and admired their garden.  Mike pulled a bulb of fresh garlic.  It’s so potent that I smelled it immediately out of the ground.  No vampires are coming near this house (save your sparkle, Edward Cullen, I’m not interested)! 

Mike’s dad gave me a few tomato plants to give to my mom for her garden and I discovered how much I really love the smell of tomato plants.  Is that a weird thing?  Before we left, Mike’s mom cut me one of her white peonies.  It’s beautiful and fragrant!  When we got home, we put the garlic in the kitchen and I put the peony in a vase.  Then I checked on our own garden.  We have a ton of blueberries and strawberries growing!  Mike just put in two blackberry plants and a raspberry plant.  My thyme, mint, rosemary, chives and scallions grew back thanks to a very mild winter. 

Our visit tonight made me realize how little time we take to stop and smell the roses.  How often do we really stop to appreciate the little things around us?  It made me realize that this summer I will actually have the time to enjoy the outdoors and the little things I might have missed working in an office 9-5.  I told Mike now that I’ll have free time, I might really get into gardening.  I told him I was going to “put on some Crocs and a straw hat and become a little old gardener lady.”  I imagined myself like Ouiser Boudreaux from Steel Magnolias; overalls, attitude and all!

This summer I’m going to embrace my inner Ouiser.  I might become the crazy lady who comes into the salon with bags of tomatoes and wears “funny looking hats.” 

All kidding aside, I am truly grateful that this summer I will be able to stop and smell the roses…the tomato plants…the blueberries…and the mint.  I will have plenty of thyme and time to do so.


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