Such a Great Weekend!

May 6, 2012

What a great weekend this has been!  Yesterday was spent in Lancaster, PA with my cousin.  I cannot say it enough – it is so peaceful out there!  There’s nothing like escaping fast-paced Jersey life and heading out to the country.  We shopped Kitchen Kettle Village and then had pretzels and lemonade for lunch.  One again, I found it entirely amusing that the Amish pull up to the bank drive-thru in their horse and buggies.
We stocked up at Intercourse Canning Company, checked out a yard sale, some furniture stores, hit up a couple of markets, then headed to Tanger Outlets.  After we shopped there, we made our way to Jakey’s Amish BBQ for dinner.  Jakey’s was closed (again) so we had dinner at CiCi’s.  I had never been to a CiCi’s Pizza, but it’s so much fun!  A pizza buffet is a genius idea.
We grabbed Starbucks after dinner (green tea frapp + 2 pumps raspberry syrup is SO GOOD), then headed to Harrisburg to go to Bass Pro Shop.  I got some fishing supplies Mike and my dad needed, shorts and skirt for me and got some birthday shopping for Mike out of the way.  We made our way home after that.  I was excited to stay up and see the Supermoon last night, but it was far too cloudy here in Jersey.  I’m still bummed about that.

Today has also been really enjoyable.  I started the day with turkey bacon and eggs.  I cleaned myself up, threw on my new BOBS, and ran to Target for a couple of things.  I ended up with two clearance shirts in my basket, too.  Oops!  I got home and made chocolate chip banana muffins (recipe soon).
After lunch, I decided to lounge outside in the sun with magazines and a muffin.  Mike and I took a long bike ride through the park.  We put the rest of our deck furniture outside when we got back and we both lounged some more.  His parents will be over for barbecue tonight.
I don’t know how I’m going to get up for work tomorrow when I’ve had such a good weekend!

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