Take Chances, Embrace Change

March 13, 2013

Do something that scares you whenever you can.  Face your fears and you may surprise yourself. Take a public class even if you fear judgement and rejection.  Take yourself out to eat even if you fear you’ll receive questionable looks for sitting alone.  Walk in the rain even if you get wet.  The point is, stop making excuses for reasons not to get out there and do something.

I took the plunge and signed up for a meditation focused yoga class.  I was welcomed by everyone there.  I kept up with the class, corrected my posture and was able to deeply meditate and receive energy and blessings without distraction.  Master J and I got to speak after class and he even hugged me good-bye, which was cute.  He told me he could already tell that I had made a change within myself.  I left the yoga studio feeling clearer, stronger and more focused than I have in a while.  I found myself enjoying the walk back to my car in the rain, not caring about my hair or clothes getting wet.

I drove to one of my favorite restaurants nearby and treated myself to a healthy brunch.  I had tea and eggs and enjoyed my table for one.  I opened up a notebook and wrote this very post. It’s good to slow down every once in a while.  It’s good to breathe with purpose, with life and to embrace change instead of running from it.

I overheard a woman sitting at the table next to me say to her companion, “She’s changing.”  I am.


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