November 28, 2013

I try to be a thankful person on a daily basis.  I start my morning with prayer before I even leave my bed.  During the day that reflection can get lost and is sometimes forgotten by evening, but I try to hold tight to my gratitude.  I don’t believe we need one day during the year to give thanks.  It’s just like Valentine’s Day.  Don’t shower me in gifts because you feel you have to; love me on a daily basis without materialism, just because. Give thanks for all things every day.

I am very thankful for my husband.  Over the past six years he has become my best friend, the most consuming love of my life and a calm over my madness.  I am incredibly thankful for his love, his kindness and the way he makes me laugh. I honestly could not imagine my life without him.  He is the good I have needed for a long, long time.

I am thankful for my family; the ones who have been there all along and the ones who have accepted me as one of their own.  The family who are also friends.  The new additions and the old favorites.

I am thankful for my friends; the ones I may not see as much anymore, but know we will carry one another in our hearts and when we do get together, it’s like no time has passed.

While I am not always comfortable with my current path in life, I am grateful for it because there are many people who would love to be in my position.  I am thankful that this time allows me the freedom to be creative.  While my creativity hasn’t deemed to be so profitable (hopefully one day), I am happy to bring my ideas to fruition.  To see a sketch come to life–to hold my final product up and admire it–has become a proud moment for me.  I am thankful for the praise I have been given over these things as well.

I am thankful for blogging.  Not only has it brought me many opportunities, it has allowed me to develop friendships with some other wonderful bloggers who I am very pleased to know.

I am thankful for the small things that are ultimately the bigger things in life.  I am thankful for health, happiness, love, faith, food on our table, a roof over our heads and a warm bed to sleep in.

There will always be ups and downs to life.  But there will always be blessings to count as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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