The Adventurers: Zip Lining and Canoeing

August 18, 2014

I am far from a risk-taker. I plan ahead. I play it safe. I wouldn’t walk a tightrope without a safety net. I would never jump out of a plane (if you could get me on one first, of course). But this past week I became Adventure Girl with my husband being my trusty sidekick. He was off from work and we made plans to do some things out our normal realm of walks, mini-golf (although that was still involved), drives to the beach and the occasional bike ride. We had some new and interesting adventures.
The first started on Monday when drove out to the Poconos. While others may have been sipping their second cup of coffee in their cubicle and counting down the hours to lunch, we were on our way to go zip lining. Even though I’m not much of a thrill seeker, zip lining has always seemed incredibly fun and exciting to me. We signed our release forms and got suited up in our harnesses. I thought once the last strap was in place I would start to feel nervousness, anxiousness, a rush of excitement, something, but I felt rather….calm. We hiked up to the starting point and decided I would go first. It was my idea to go speeding through trees while hanging from a line anyway. By the time I clipped myself to the line and got to the top of the landing, I started feeling the rush of excitement I had been waiting for. “Can I go yet?” “No, the person in front of you is still on the line.” “Oh.” When I finally got the green light to go, I turned around to my husband, smiled, said “see you later” and jumped. NO FEAR. My zip lining adventure was quick, but amazing while it lasted. I soared through the trees and took in the lush, green view around me. One ride down, I was hooked. I want to zip line EVERYWHERE now!
On the way home we stopped at a roadside market. The field of sunflowers and wildflowers caught our eyes on the drive up to the Poconos (I really should have taken a picture!). It was a nice market with baskets upon baskets of fresh produce, local honey, jams and spreads, along with baked goods and smoked meats. We took peaches and nectarines home. The best nectarines I’ve ever had that left trails of juice on your chin with every sweet bite. We should have bought more!

Our next adventure took place on Thursday when we went to a local Canoe Club to rent a canoe. The club offered canoes and kayaks for rental. For $25, we rented a canoe for two hours on the river. For two people who don’t row, we managed not to spin in a circle, crash or tip the canoe. In fact, we appeared to know what we were doing! It was a nice, peaceful afternoon on the water. We were surrounded by trees and the beautiful homes that sat riverside. We saw a Woodpecker, baby deer and made some friends with ducks who escorted us on our trip.
We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to be on the water. The weather was Fall-like, but the sun was warm as we rowed up and down the river. With such beautiful scenery surrounding us, we agreed to rent canoes again when the leaves start to change.

Having these adventures has made me want to branch out from my safety zone a bit more. You have to stick your toes in the water before you can go for a swim, and that’s just what I intend to do. In the end, I’ve not only crossed a couple new things off of my bucket list and had a fun and exciting time, we’ve found new interests to share and created new memories.


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