5 Time Saving Tips for Pet Parents

February 7, 2018

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It’s seems like puppy love is everywhere these days!  If you’re a new pet parent, today I’m going to share a few time saving tips to help you as you welcome your fur baby into your home.  Hopefully these tips will save you a little time, money, and help you keep your sanity.  Most of all, I hope it allows you to spend more time hanging out with your new best friend.

I’m going to be real with you.  My husband and I decided a long time ago that becoming parents wasn’t in the cards for us.  But Hunter is basically our kid.  Puppy training is exhausting and I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to make it through the first few weeks of having Hunter home with us.  I remember feeling beaten down from cleaning up accidents in our once pristine house, dealing with Hunter’s stubborn streaks and late night whining, and telling my husband, “Maybe this was a mistake.”  Turns out, getting a dog was a lot more like having a kid than I thought it would be! 

Rule #1: don’t get discouraged.  It gets easier by the day and, soon enough, you’ll find your groove and won’t be able to imagine your home without a pup in it!

Keep a daily schedule

It’s funny how Hunter doesn’t miss a beat and knows when it’s time to eat or head out for his walk!  He’s gotten accustomed to his daily routine.  First thing in the morning, he knows it’s time to go outside.  Then, he’s eager to get back inside to eat his food.  If I’m in the office working, he’ll come remind me that it’s time for lunch.  And if he doesn’t, you can usually find him sitting in front of the door where we keep his food in the kitchen.

Keeping a schedule also helps with training your new puppy.  Give them a scheduled time to go outside, or use scheduled crate training (we used this method and it worked like a charm), and before you know it, your pup will catch on to their daily routine!

Stay organized with storage bins and treat jars

You guys know I’m on my minimalism kick.  Right?  I’ve been getting rid of the clutter and using storage baskets and bins to keep organized.  That also means keeping Hunter’s share of toys, treats, and food organized, too.  We keep his treats in a treat jar on our kitchen table.  Hunter knows that he gets a treat from that container when he goes outside to do his business.  We also keep his food in food storage bin along with a measuring cup so we can scoop him the right amount of food when it’s time to eat. 

Not only do these storage bins and containers keep food and treats organized, they’ll keep them fresh, too!  Want to time on refilling treats and dog food?  Consider signing up for a subscription delivery service.  Most services offer a discount for repeat delivery.  Plus, if your dog’s anything like Hunter, they’ll love getting mail just as much as you do!

Have a walking station

If you say the word “walk” in Hunter’s presence, he’ll dart to the door immediately.  So we keep his leash and waste bags right next to the door!  If your dog gets excited when they hear you say the word “walk,” you might want to make a simple DIY Pet Storage Station (pictured above) with hooks to keep your dog’s leash or waste bags handy.

Make your own pet toys instead of buying them

I’m all about upcycling.  If you want to treat your dog to a new toy in a pinch, take an old t-shirt and turn it into a new toy!  Hunter has a thing for my husband’s shirts (especially his sweatshirts).  A few years ago, I turned some of my husband’s old shirts into new dog toys.  Just cut an old t-shirt into strips and knot them or braid them into a fun, new rope toy!

Protect your furniture

Hunter was really good about only chewing up his toys as a puppy. I don’t think he ever went to chew our furniture, so we never had to bother with any bitter sprays.  The only thing we worried about was Hunter’s paws on our leather couches.  So we simply covered them up with comfy pet blankets!  The only thing you’ll have to worry about is washing your blankets every now and then! 

Plan on traveling with your pup?  You can cover up your car seats, as well, with a stylish car seat cover!  Hunter loves going for car rides!  To get where we’re going faster, my backseat is protected with a car seat cover and I keep Hunter’s harness buckled in and ready to go!  You also might want to keep treats and waste bags handy in a travel pocket, too, for rewarding and cleanup on-the-go!

What’s your best time saving tip for pet parents?




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