Unwrapping a Christmas Story

December 24, 2014

A story about Christmas and how my brother and I once unwrapped and rewrapped every single one of our gifts underneath the tree!

a christmas story

With Christmas just a day away, I thought I’d share a Christmas story.  I asked my brother recently if he remembered the year that we unwrapped all of our presents and rewrapped them before our parents got home.  I was hoping he would have some recollection of that event as well as who initiated it.  He didn’t.
I remember it.  Christmas wasn’t that much of a surprise that year, but it seemed like a good idea at the time! Although I can’t say how old we were, Mom and Dad must have deemed us fit to stay home by ourselves.  Being the older sibling, I am taking full blame here.  Besides, when you’re the older sister, you automatically have someone else to place the blame on!  Poor “curious” little brother of mine!
With Mom and Dad out of the house, we took the opportunity and ran with it – right underneath the Christmas tree.  As usual, I was probably snooping underneath the tree (ask me what I got this year from my husband – I already know!).  I must have spotted a present with a corner of paper that was lifting.  Sometimes tape doesn’t always stick to the corners of a carefully wrapped gift.  That may have been the year DIY entered my life!
We went through our pile of gifts and found every one that seemed easy enough to unwrap. We took a good look at each one, told each other what we got (I remember being really excited about a purse and a pair of earrings I unwrapped), retaped them and replaced them just as they were before anyone noticed!
We did a really good job at rewrapping because I don’t remember Mom or Dad being suspicious Christmas Day.  And even though we had our pre-Christmas fun, I can’t recall being entirely disappointed when our gifts were no longer a surprise.  I think I was just happy to unwrap them all over again and finally get to put everything to use!
That year was our little secret and apparently we were clever enough to “keep it under wraps.”

Were you sneaky when it came to Christmas?


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