Urban Outfitters Inspired Agate Night Light DIY

Agate stones add a pretty, natural element to your home decor with this Urban Outfitters inspired DIY Agate Night Light!

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During a recent trip to Urban Outfitters, I found these beautiful agate night lights.  I love the natural beauty of agate stones.  They come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes making each one unique!
Agate stones add a natural element to DIY projects.  I’ve used them in the past to make garden markers and candle holders.  This one-of-a-kind agate night light takes minutes to make!  All you need is an agate slice, a night light with a clear plastic shade and some heavy duty glue.

Urban Outfitters Inspired Agate Night Light DIY


– Agate stones
– Night light
– E6000 or Crazy Glue


1. Remove shade from night light and set aside.
2. Decide which side of your stone you want facing out on the night light.
3. Apply a thin line of glue to the backside of your stone and stick onto the front of the plastic shade.
4. Place shade agate side down and allow glue to dry completely.
5. Replace shade on night light and let it glow!


These night lights not only give off a little light in the dark, but add a cool natural element to your home decor.  According to Urban Outfitter’s product page, aside from being beautiful, agate stones also absorb negative energy and bad dreams.  With my brain constantly running, I could certainly use a good night of rest!  Keep one of these night lights in the bedroom to not only give off a soft glow, but to ward away nightmares!


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