Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Box Idea

February 10, 2017

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I know it’s only February, but this year is already going by way too fast for me.  Every week just seems to go by in one, big whoosh!  The weekend comes and before we know it, it’s Monday all over again.  In the middle of this great, big “whoosh,” I can’t seem to get caught up.  Birthdays and holidays seem to sneak up on me.  Then, I’m left scrambling to get a gift together.

You’ve probably already guessed that that’s what happened with Valentine’s Day this year.  It’s only a few days away and it completely snuck up on me! My husband and I usually don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I still like to get him a card and a little gift to show my love and appreciation for him. So I pulled together a last minute gift for him using supplies in my craft box and some goodies.

My husband’s been asking me to pick up 100 Grand bars for him.  He said they’re hard to find around here (and he wasn’t kidding).  I did find dollar packages of the candy bars and picked up six packages for him (I almost went for 10, but figured six was excessive enough).  When I got home, I wanted to find a cute way to give them to him for Valentine’s Day.

I bought a paper mache box from the craft store and painted the lid red.  Then, I dug into my craft box for some more supplies.  I added lace and burlap ribbon on top to add a romantic feel to the box.  As pretty as the box is outside, I know my husband is going to absolutely love the gifts tucked inside!  



  1. Paint the lid of the paper mache box with red acrylic paint.  Allow to dry completely.
  2. Heat glue gun and trim ribbon to the size of the lid.  Allow some length to wrap it around the underside of the lid.
  3. Once lid is completely dry, glue each end of the lace ribbon to the underside of the lid.
  4. Repeat with the burlap ribbon, keeping it centered on top of the lace ribbon.
  5. Place tissue paper inside the box and fill it with candy or other small gifts.
  6. If desired, snap some pics with an Instax Mini 8 camera and stick the photos under the burlap ribbon on top of the box.
  7. Give your Valentine’s Day gift box to someone you love and adore!

I completed my husband’s gift by adding a note on top of the 100 Grand bars that says, “You’re worth way more than 100 Grand, but this is all I can afford.”  I thought that was a cute touch. Then, I used my Instax Mini 8 camera to snap a few pics of Hunter.  I still had some Shiny Star film to use from the Instax Mini Ornaments I had made over the holidays.  I always love a good excuse to use my Instax Mini camera!

This Valentine’s Day gift box is such a simple gift, but I put a little creativity and a lot of heart into it.  The little things truly do mean the most in life.  I know that my husband will appreciate and really enjoy his Valentine’s Day gift!



What’s your go-to last minute Valentine’s Day gift?

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