Warm Up Your Space: Build a Terrarium

February 9, 2015

Build a simple terrarium using succulents and warm up your space during the winter.

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The way I see it, now that’s it’s February, Spring is just around the corner!  But when I put all the bright colors of the holidays away, the house feels so empty and dull.  One way to warm up your space is to add houseplants.
When it comes to houseplants, there are those that neglect and those that pay a little too much attention to them.  I tend to drown my houseplants.  I don’t mean to – it just happens. Last year, the death toll of houseplants increased dramatically as I committed multiple counts of planticide by way of drowning.  The only houseplants I was able to keep alive were my air plants and cactus.

The other weekend, it was nasty outside and I was stuck inside extremely bored. Despite the little pops of red from some Valentine’s Day decor, the house just seemed cold and uninviting. I gave my air plants their routine soaking and tried to get creative with them.  I put them in different places and in different objects.  Nothing was working for me.  That’s when I said to my husband, “I think I need to make a trip to Home Depot.”  I took out a notepad, sketched a quick terrarium idea and wrote out a list of the supplies needed.  Because no man will ever say no to a trip to Home Depot, we went on an HD date that night.
On the way to Home Depot, we discussed Valentine’s Day.  We don’t usually give each other gifts, but I always make my husband his favorite dinner and pick up something special for dessert along with a card and maybe some candy.  In Home Depot, I picked up marble chips and four succulent plants.  I tried to give him money for my plants and marble chips, but declined.  He said he just bought my Valentine’s Day gift.  I told him I’d try not to kill it.

The next day, I assembled my terrarium.  I had a glass bowl from Home Goods I was dying to use again.  We already had the sand, moss and soil from other projects.

How to Build a Terrarium


– container
– sand
activated charcoal pieces, to keep the soil fresh
white marble chips or small pebbles
sphagnum moss
– potting soil
– succulents
– water


1. Clean your container.
2. Add a layer of sand to the bottom of your container.
3. Mix a good amount of charcoal and pebbles together and add on top of the sand.
4. Add a nice layer of moss.
5. Put down the soil and carefully add your plants.
6. Add a neat layer of pebbles on top of the soil.
7. Lightly water your terrarium.


You can add decorations to your terrarium to really make it look great. I added a couple of my smaller air plants and a pretty geode stone.
Succulents are great, low-maintenance houseplants.  Their exotic and unusual looks and bright colors will have you thinking warm thoughts in no time!

Do you keep plants in your home?


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