Weekend Wrap-Up

August 23, 2010

Friday evening was spent at a friend’s apartment for a Partylite party.  I headed to her place straight from work, let myself in and played with her cat until she came home.  When she arrived, we started to prepare appetizers and drinks.  I decided to make tomato, basil and mozzarella skewers and a crab dip to serve with black pepper and olive oil Triscuits.  Once everyone was in attendance, catalogs were handed out and a few games were played (I won two tealights!).  I placed an order for a sunflower tart warmer and wax melts as a birthday gift and an apothecary jar for me.  I also bought buffalo bleu cheese seasoning from their gourmet line.  I think that’ll be great on grilled chicken.  It was a great evening full of fun, friends and shopping and I’m looking very much forward to everything arriving.

Saturday led way to a day out on the boat with my father and brother where I was dubbed “The Sea Robin Queen.”  I have never caught so many sea robins in my life!  I only caught a few fluke and they were all short.  My father had the only keeper of the day and caught a 15-pound stingray.  It was probably one of our slower days on the boat (at least it seemed so for me), but it was a nice day to be out on the water.  When we got to the dock, we met up with my mother, sisters and brother’s fiancée to go for pizza.  I went home after that, met up with my boyfriend who had been out golfing, cleaned up and went to bed.

I could have slept in on Sunday, but of course my body is horrible when it comes to rest.  I was wide awake before 6:30.  I went to the living room to watch some TV, made breakfast and waited for my boyfriend to wake up before starting on some cleaning.  Once he woke up, I tackled the laundry while he cleaned up the basement.  Then I went in the kitchen to clear the fridge for fear of some things taking on a life of their own.  That led to the cabinets where I straightened up spices and my baking shelf.  We went to the bowling alley later in the afternoon.  His league starts up soon so he wanted to get some practice in.  I do not consider myself a bowler by any means.  I have tried my hardest to grasp the game, but my brain and my bowling arm do not want to connect.  By some miracle I bowled my highest games yesterday; a 107, a 121 and a 109!  It’s a rare occasion for me to break 100 let alone to do it all three games.  We were bowling at a completely different bowling alley.  I’m sure the lane change had everything to do with it.  I openly admitted to my boyfriend that if he switched leagues to that lane, I’d sign up.  Until then, I’m remaining his cheerleader on the sidelines.  After bowling, we went to my parents’ house for dinner and dessert.  Once we got home (albeit with impeccable timing, just in time to catch the downpour), I found myself on the couch watching Bridget Jones’s Diary on BBC.  He actually sat and watched most of it.  I even caught him laughing!  I guess chick flicks are all right with him as long as they’re British.

Be on the lookout for both recipes from Friday night.  I’ll be posting them shortly.

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