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Easy Frosted Glass Snowman Reed Diffuser + Free Printable

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Fill your home with holiday fragrance with this Easy Frosted Glass Snowman Reed Diffuser! Download the free printable to make this a great, handmade holiday gift!


The height of my “I can totally make that” inspiration usually comes during Christmastime.  I was flipping through a Hallmark catalog a few weeks ago and spotted adorable holiday reed diffusers.  There was a snowman reed diffuser that I absolutely loved!  Since I’ve made homemade reed diffusers plenty of times before, I decided to make my own version of the snowman diffuser I saw in the catalog.

If you caught my live story on Instagram a couple weeks ago, I showed you how easy it was to make this project.  Unfortunately, I forgot to save the video (I’m still kicking myself over that!), so I can’t post it here.  But trust me, this is a super simple holiday project that will fill your home with seasonal scent or make a great holiday gift!

I had a small, round bottle that I’ve used before to make homemade diffusers. I didn’t want to paint it completely white to turn it into a snowman.  Instead, I opted for a frosted glass spray paint.  Two coats gave the bottle a perfect, wintry look!  Then, I just used markers to draw on a snowman face.  I added some plaid ribbon on top and finished it off with some Christmas bells!  I’ll be keeping this diffuser out all winter!

You can fill this bottle with your favorite essential oil blend.  For the holidays, I always like oil combos that are warm, a little spicy, and have a hint of orange.  Cinnamon, clove, and orange is a definite favorite around here!  I’ve even added a touch of a Christmas wreath blend for the ultimate holiday scent combo!   

If you’re like me and love giving homemade gifts during the holidays, this project is super easy!  Obviously, if you’re going to gift it, don’t fill the bottle.  Instead, head below for a free printable!  It’ll tell recipients how to fill their snowman reed diffuser! 


To make the diffuser bottle:

To make the diffuser scent:


To make the diffuser bottle:

  1. In a well ventilated area or outside, spray the bottle with frosted glass spray paint.  You might need to use two coats of spray paint to achieve a nice, frosted look.
  2. Using a black paint marker, draw eyes and a mouth on the bottle.  Draw the snowman’s nose with a gold marker. Allow the marker to dry, then heat a hot glue gun.  
  3. Measure the ribbon around the top of the bottle.  Then, glue it securely into place.
  4. Glue a couple of craft bells onto the ribbon. 
  5. Once the glue is dried, gift the diffuser bottle with essential oil and printable (below), or continue to make your reed diffuser scent.

To make the diffuser scent:

  1. Use a small funnel to pour water halfway into the diffuser bottle.
  2. Next, pour in rubbing alcohol or vodka just until it reaches near the top of the bottle.
  3. Then, add your favorite essential oil blend and give it a stir.
  4. Pop in some reed diffuser sticks and enjoy the holiday fragrance! 

Download the free printable to turn this diffuser into a gift!  Wrap up this diffuser with a set of reed diffuser sticks and some holiday essential oils!  It’s safer than a candle, but still throws some great scent around the house!




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